Translate From English To Romanian

by admin on April 22, 2013

Translation services are increasingly in demand as people travel across the globe frequently now and more business is done internationally.

Whether you want to communicate with a friend/someone you know abroad or you’re exploring the idea of doing business on an international level, translation is essential if you want to communicate successfully.

Because business practices and the Romanian language are constantly evolving as the world changes, you need to strengthen communication with your Romanian audience if you want to succeed into the market.

Many people think a literal translation would be enough but this doesn’t take into account context, colloquialisms or language rules and conventions.

There are a few examples of translation gone wrong when moving into a global market:

  • Pepsi had problems when their slogan “Come Alive with the Pepsi Generation” was literally translated onto a Taiwanese billboard as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead.”
  • The successful “Got Milk” campaign from The Dairy Association brought a lot of attention when used in Mexico since it translated as “Are You Lactating?

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