About the Romanian Language and People

Romanian is spoken in Romania, Moldova and some parts of Hungary and Serbia & Montenegro by about 24 million people.

Dialects include Moldavian, Muntenian, Transylvanian, Banat and Bayash with little variation between them.

The Romanian language shares over 70 % lexical similarity with the other romance languages, being closest to Italian.

Romanian is a phonetic language, meaning that the words are pronounced as they are spelled.

The Romanian alphabet has 31 letters, similar to the ones in the English alphabet, except five special letters called ‘diacritics’:

  1. ă (as in mother)
  2. ș (as in she)
  3. ț (as in its)
  4. â, î (no English equivalent)

Romanian has seven vowels. Consonant clusters occur at the beginning of syllables and it is unusual among Romance languages. Stress can occur on any syllable- varying the stressed syllable can change meaning.


“Foreign visitors consider Romanians among the friendliest and most hospitable people on earth. Romanians are by nature fun, loving, warm, hospitable, and playful, with an innate sense of humour.

About 19,500,000 people live in Romania.

Ethnic breakdown is 89% Romanian 7.5% Hungarian, 1.9% Gypsy, German, Ukrainian, Armenian, Croatian, Serbian and Turkish. More than 55% of Romania’s population lives in towns and cities.

Literacy rate in Romania is 98%.

Most Romanians living in towns and cities are able to communicate in English, French or German. In smaller villages only younger people and children usually speak foreign languages.

• Around 80% of Romanians speak at least one foreign language.

• 25% of Romanians speak at least 2 foreign languages.

• 4% of Romanians speak more than 3 foreign languages.

• Romania has over 100 universities and the country annually

produces 30,000 engineering graduates- 8,000 earn their

degrees in IT sciences.”



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